Unger PRO Complete Kit 5in1

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How to achieve streak-free window cleaning like a pro: with UNGER’s comprehensive PRO 5-in-1 complete kit

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  • ON350/OE350 - StripWasher Unitec, 14" / 35 cm (Fibres: 100% polyester)
  • SE350 - S-Squeegee Soft, 14" / 35 cm
  • SR20K - Safety Scraper incl. blade
  • ME40B - Mikrowipe Lite Microfibre cloth, 16" x 16" / 40 x 40 cm (70% polyester, 30% polyamide)
  • QB12B - Bucket, 3,1gal / 12 L

Window cleaning made easy: Clean windows like a pro

The UniTec PRO 5-in-1 complete kit for professional quality window cleaning promises great cleaning results for small projects and large glass surfaces alike. Five coordinated, high-quality products in brand quality ensure better visibility thanks to streak-free window cleaning. The UNGER kit contains a window squeegee, washer, 3.1 gal / 12 litre bucket, safety scraper and MicroWipe Lite microfibre cloth, providing comprehensive equipment for demanding window cleaning – in private households as well as for budding window cleaners who are just starting out, or for small catering and commercial companies.

Wash windows with the UniTec washer

Streak-free window cleaning: What you need more than anything to achieve this is the perfect window cleaning tools, such as those used by professional window cleaners. Cleaning glass surfaces to professional standards is particularly important. And that's easy to do with the UniTec washer. The washer comes with a synthetic fibre cover and is completely pre-assembled and ready to use. The T-bar is extremely lightweight and therefore easy to handle even for beginners. The water reservoirs integrated in the washer absorb large amounts of liquid and transfer it to the textile cover – meaning that you can clean large areas of windows quickly and leave them dirt-free. The cover material is ideal for loosening dirt particles, holding onto them until you next dip the washer in water.

Streak-free cleaning results thanks to UniTec window squeegee

Streak-free window cleaning, cleaning window frames – professional window cleaners make it look downright effortless. With a little practice and the right tools, even beginners can achieve superior, streak-free cleaning results. The S window squeegee from UNGER consists of a high-quality stainless steel handle with a rubber coating and a high-performance squeegee rubber. When cleaning windows, the window squeegee enables you to remove excess water with no residue in just a few hand movements. Working with the S window squeegee is very comfortable thanks to its rubberised, non-slip grip. By the way, the rubber lip or squeegee can easily be replaced if necessary! Another bonus: the window squeegee fits all standard UNGER telescopic poles, thus enabling you to clean large areas and roof windows easily and professionally.

A multifunctional bucket, as used by professional window cleaners

Not all buckets are the same! Anyone who has ever cleaned large or heavily soiled window surfaces knows this. The UNGER professional bucket has an 3.1gal / 12 litre capacity and is the perfect companion for straightforward window cleaning. Washers or squeegees can be conveniently hung on the side of the bucket when not in use. Another handy feature: you can squeeze out the washer in an integrated sieve after dipping it in the water. This saves water and prevents puddles forming on the floor. Meanwhile, a measuring scale in litres helps you to dose the right ratio of window cleaning agent to water, while a practical spout on the side makes the bucket easier to empty when you’re finished.

Use the safety scraper to remove stubborn dirt when cleaning windows

When you’re cleaning windows, preparing them with the washer isn’t always enough. What you need in these situations is a glass scraper. Because removing bird droppings and other stubborn dirt particles is also part of window cleaning. The UNGER safety scraper for glass and smooth surfaces takes on this task conscientiously. It scrapes off dried, encrusted dirt without leaving a residue. And without scratching the glass.

Polish windows to a streak-free shine with the MicroWipe Lite microfibre cloth

Using a chamois leather to clean windows has become obsolete. Instead, microfibre cloths like the MicroWipe Lite from UNGER add the finishing touch to every window cleaning project – whether in private households or for large areas such as shop windows or glazed reception areas. The cloth is brand quality and absorbs every last drop of water and dries large areas of glass quickly and reliably. It is also ideal for cleaning window frames.

Brand quality from the window cleaning specialists

The PRO 5-in-1 complete window cleaning kit enables affordable yet professional window cleaning in private households or by self-employed window cleaners, caretakers or businesses such as retail and catering that want to take professional window cleaning into their own hands. Simple step-by-step photos show users how to achieve clean, streak-free results quickly and easily. Above all, beginners benefit from UNGER's many years of experience and know-how in the field of window cleaning and, in the form of the PRO 5-in-1 complete kit, receive a professional quality kit that is made in Germany.

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